Design for delivery



An overall rigid body keeps thieves away and a lock safes the cargo.


A special mix of materials makes the box leightweight and guarantees stability.

Plenty of space

With measurements of 800 x 1200 mm (2.62 x 3.93 ft)
many standardized packages can be transported


A special construction within the frame keeps water out of the box.

Artificial Light

Special designed lighting gives the whole vehicle a unique design language and will guarantee high visibility at night.

Advertising Space

Advertising on our carrier box is easy to manage. Removable frames can easily be adopted.


The transformation from a sketch to reality is always a satisfying moment. All the ideas are becoming touchable and from then the real works begins.

In the project EMILIA funded by the Klima- und Energiefonds we tested our vehicle with the food & beverage company BILLA. (part of REWE group) and with the second largest company in the parcels market, DPD.
For addressing their special needs in the best way, we decided to develop a new carrier box from the ground up.

Addressing needs

Market Insights

Quantitative data and a holistic research helped us creating unique features for the necessities.

Customer and User

Interviews with customers and drivers gave us relevant insight into their true needs.
We analysed different perspectives and translated them into a unique design.

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